Saturday, August 18, 2012



Hey guys! L.M.Strange here and I just got back from Arkansas.
     And although pretty, it was quite unpractical for those of us partiers who are used to the city.  (Or suburbs.  But one thing is still for sure and that is that my town is still more interesting than the middle of "Not-shit-USA"
     Maybe the reason older people like to take things slow (and therefore take boring ass vacations) is similar to the way life is like toilet paper- "The closer you get to the end the faster it goes".
You're sick, Jessy, sick sick sick!

But whatever. I don't like to go slow,
I like to go really fucking fast.  (But not more than 10MPH over the speed limit because I could get a ticket!)
 And of course since I like to go fast I get to do shit people in the fast lane do-


I got this cute dress from a place in Jefferson, Tx, and I'm pretty sure it's from the mid to late 50s.  It's an A-Line style and makes my boobs look huge and my waist tiny!!! Yay!!!

 Some makeup that I may do in the future to go along with it...

    Thrift shopping is so much fun and my good friend Haka got tons of cute clothes that I'm sure she'll put on her blog. Her outfits are always so adorably vintage and since the weather was slightly warm she wore lots of high waisted shorts.  (The ones on the left I know she bought at a Good-Will but they were mom jeans that she cut into shorts.)  Here's what I wore with them when she let me borrow them:



(Tessa has a better waist for them than I do!)

We did a lot of "fun" things like stay in a cabin half the size of my kitchen near a dried up river!  Also I found out there are no hot guys in Arkansas but there are very far out filmmakers that like to talk to protesters in Eureka Springs.  

  We also found a really groovy 70s shop and I got myself a blacklight Zappa poster.  (For 6 dollars, holy shit).  And on top of everything there were still no hot guys in Arkansas.  

We found this cat and I lovingly named it "Shithead"
Me? Get into Trouble?

I also watched that movie "THIS IS SPINAL TAP" for the first time and thought it was so fucking amazing I wanted to puke.  So I did.  Multiple times.  So I'm gonna totally make a badass film just like that one someday, because it expresses my love of it's two themes:

1) Documentaries
2) Rock n Roll

Watch out motherfuckers we got a filmmaker on the loose. 
But also one who goes on boring vacations with her stylish friend and out of the whole trips finds a sexy shirt, an Oscar Wilde card, and Frank Zappa poster.

boom goes the dynamite. 

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