Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Bittersweet Teenagership

Remember those days?

        This weekend I partied hard, more or less as I took photos for my theater at our "Fish Party". 
       The concept is fantastic, which includes the idea that freshmen should come to a party where more or less most of the theater company will be attending as well, and that everyone gets to know everyone and visa-versa.  Well mainly sophomore's showed up, but whatever it wasn't like I knew half of those tiny people.

look at this crazy bitch with her leggings in the water
Parties have never really been my scene, unless they include a bunch of people I know.  But it was all right, and I actually went swimming for like 3 seconds but spent most of 3 hours trying to keep my camera from getting wet.  Also the best picture I feel like I took had nothing to do with anything.
I feel like I should write a story for this
       Also that and the fact I feel lonely.  I had to take home a friend of mine, and I noticed how handsome he's become.  I used to really dig him back in middle school, before my original group of friends fell apart faster than a 90s boy band.  It had been the first time I really owned up to liking a dude because of his personality and the way we responded to each other and what I got rewarded with was a list of Reasons I don't like you back.  All 30+ of them.  I felt like I was in an episode of a shitty show they'd play on MTV, except he still doesn't like me back, and so I'll just admire from afar while he describes his interest in all things boobs, tush and tush accessories.    (It's something I've noticed: that you can tell when a guy doesn't like you when he talks about how attractive other girls are to you!  I like to think they do that because they are heartless, cruel boys who love to jade themselves on the breasts of girls who are, in fact, not you.
       The recent heartbreaker is a bittersweet one.  Sometimes I like him because he's strong minded and sure of himself, but sometimes I hate him because he makes me cry and says all the wrong things.  As the good old Mick Jagger once said, "I can't get no Satisfaction." 
       Well Mick, ain't that the truth? 
                                                I mean lets be honest here all you want is this:

                                           when all you get are offers from guys like this 
"hey baby lets congregate and possibly have sexual intercourse"
That, and among other things is why I'm pretty fucking pissed.  The Universe has skewed logic sometimes.  Either that or it's just got a pretty fucking huge case of Schadenfreude.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Highschool Hell

 It's been a turbulent week for me!

Only the second week of school and I was sent to the "Assistant" principals office for my shorts being too short.  (My bad luck strikes again.  The limit is 4" above the knee but mine were unluckily about 1/2" too short).  But I always seem to get stuck with the bully, douche of an AP.  He told me I could use the phone in his office and to go and wait for him, which would have turned out to take an hour.  
       I decided after about 15 minutes I wasn't going to miss any more Physics than I had to, so I used the Secretary's phone, which turns out wasn't actually the Secretary because the actual Secretary had gone on a 30 minute lunch break.  So my Mom didn't answer, and after my Dad getting angry over the fact the Sub-Secretary couldn't connect him to the Front Office to get me a pass to go home and change, my Mom finally did answer and in about another 15 minutes I managed to get me a pair of pants. 
    It was a pain in the ass and I got back to class with 15 minutes to go.
    Over this summer I was a lifeguard, in which I was subjected to spending an entire summer of telling kids what and what not to do. (But, unlike teachers, my job was to actually keep them safe and not subject then to humiliation and suicidal feelings).  And I know how hard it is to enforce the rules, and I know that, despite what anyone says, favoritism does play a huge part in who gets away with what.  Which is why you see a bunch of kids walking around with droopy drawers and cheerleaders with shorts up to their asses with their perky little buttcheeks hanging out. 
        When something like getting sent to the office, going through an hour and a half of trying to please these assholes, and then going back to class to see some prep with a skirt shorter than anything I own you get filled with a feeling that could very well push someone to do something drastic. 
It's messy but effective. 

         So coming back to school was pretty fucked up, because (I don't know if it's just me, you guys
will have to let me know) teachers don't seem to value respect.  All I try to do when confronted with a teacher is show them respect and try to follow their rules, but it seems like most of them (Whether it be Assistant Principals, Councilors, Nurses, Front Office Ladies, ect..) go into school thinking I'm going to treat you like a Juvinile Delinquent no matter how you act/what you might have done.  And still manage to sit at my table for an hour and a half playing on my iPhone and letting mini-hookers get away with their tiny clothes.  

 In other News

I managed to snag a part in my school's play.  The British pantomime of Cinderella.  And I am the lovely evil stepsister.  Apparently I am extremely well off when playing conceited bitch faces with harrowing, shrill English accents!

My friend Henry got the role of Prince Charming, which highly amuses me seeing as he's got a tendency of being a morbid, dark humored guy with extremely opinionated views on...well...everything.  Although It's been a while since we've hung out, it's whatever.  He's good and I'm good so we're just going to kick ass and be good together.