Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Excercise Logic for Men and Women/ The Breast Dilemma

The Boob Dilemma

When Men and Women exercise,(I'm talking about in actual parts of the world that value things like this, because America sure ain't one of them!  That is, unless you have millions of extra dollars to waste on such a trivial thing like personal fitness.)

When they exercise it's along the lines of Women losing their boobs and Men getting boobs.  (But the sexy kind that are taut and fun to touch...)  I wish I could exercise and not have to worry about loosing my boobies. 

Becuase, like,
Boobies are precious to a woman. 
And I like my boobies I don't want them going anywhere! 
Screw you, exercise for putting my boobies in jeopardy! 

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