Sunday, August 19, 2012

Art Fart Poopyland!

Hey guys it's been a while! (A whole day long). 
I went to my cousins venue, Super Happy Fun Land!  And that place is totally fucking awesome, it's a really great venue for local bands if you're in the Houston, Tx area.  It's a very surreal experience for young people like me who have yet to see what other venues Houston has to offer.  The walls are painted and various decor litters basically everywhere, there's an energy there that a lot of other venues don't have.

Also, my cousin who goes by the stage name of Poopy Lungstuffing, is a very unique and talented Ukulele songwriter.  She's got a voice very reminiscent of early Vaudeville acts, and a fashion style that is very Dandy.  It's really hip for people who are looking for something unique that is equally entertaining to enjoy, and not to mention a selection of vintage clothing and handmade silk screened shirts! Poopy's Army

There was this little girl there, Pixie, the daughter of one of the owners and she was so precious. 

It was a Leo Party, by the way.

 L.M. Fights the giant Kat whilst showing off her glorious Doctor Martens given to her by Poopy!

Just look at them.

It was a good night, but I won't post all my pictures.  I'll let my friend Haka post the ones of herself on her blog since I know that's what she's dying to do! 

Party on!

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