Monday, August 27, 2012

School as a modern concept

Sheeple, failure and unattainable ass.  

You know, usually every time I go into a new school year I am full of depression and anxiety that I get no sleep because I worry about how the year is going to go.  But this year, surprisingly enough none of that happened, because when I walked into school, or as most of you know it: 

I'm a junior and I didn't give a shit as I walked into school.  All I saw were conformists and swaggawags, and when I sat through as all my classes reviewed the same policies and rules I knew nothing had changed.  All the teachers told me to put away my coffee and pull up my shirt, when all I wanted to do was scream in their faces and Rock n Roll.

I'm sick of adults and I'm sick of other people's rules

Watch what you say
Watch what you wear

Watch what you do

All I try to do is earn respect, and after two years I would think I could have a little bit, at least.  I went into school thinking "Dude, I'm gonna try my best." Because I thought doing my best would make Me feel good.  But now I'm thinking "Dude, I'm gonna try my best so when I succeed I can rub it in all those asshole's faces and congratulate myself on a job well done."  I know it's selfish.  
It's not like I do things with the intention of offending other people, but maybe other people should just nut up or shut up.  Go complain to someone who cares, or at least someone who will put a little band-aid on whatever boo-boo I have inflicted upon your well being and emotional stability! 

And the boys man. 
All those boys I want, and the one I'm so close to having is such a tease, but the one I love is so far away my heart is breaking with every step away from him, the sweet echo of our kiss long since passed.

I mean that's all Highschool ever boils down to, is raging sex hormones. And maybe a little bit of heartbreak. But mainly like 20% grades and then 80% raging sex hormones.  

But welcome to Junior Year, Jess, hope you make it out alive. 

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