Sunday, August 19, 2012


I really like to draw, because it's very relaxing on top of other things. 
You know, drawing is like a really good way to just get things out of your head.  It's like you can make emotion into pictures, and then use those pictures to inspire other people to make their own pictures.

I don't care how "Bad" someone says they are at drawing.  I like to see what people can create, because I think the ability to create things is one of the greatest gifts us as humans are graced with.
The supplies I use

Okay so I'll start with those weird looking things at the top!  Ironically most of the stuff I use is Pentel brand. 

(From the top)

Watercolor brushes/Various sizes
Okay these are reallly nice because you can just fill them up with water and not have to worry about a water source for your watercolors.  The only thing you would even remotely have to worry about with them is making sure they don't leak- which isn't particularly difficult provided you don't have anything squeezing the water out of them.  They're kind of like a vagina in a sense that they clean themselves, because the more water you squeeze out of them the cleaner they get.  Also you can control the amount of water that comes out of the brush which is really nice.

 .3 mm Mechanical Pencil
  I just really fucking love detail, and I know a lot of artists who do as well.  I think the thing about these pencils is partially detail, and also partially because it challenges you to draw lighter.  (I'm so used to just jamming my pencil so hard into the paper you could see what nasty porn I was drawing on the paper underneath it.  Just kidding.)

Also you're going to need refills for that shit ==>   Fill it Fill it Fill it up

And oh shit here comes the inking pens
Okay usually I use Micron pens, but honestly as far as inking goes as long as it's waterproof I have no complaints.  Unless, of course, it's not waterproof and I didn't fucking know it wasn't waterproof so I end up with a smudged to hell picture I slaved hours over that looks like Courtney Love's makeup after she found out Kurt Cobain died.  Also size is a big thing with the microns so I linked to a set that is reasonably priced that has a variety of sizes.
       Okay that pen underneath my microns is another Pentel product, which I haven't actually used yet.  It's supposed to be similar to those Pentel watercolor brushes except instead of water it's ink that comes out.  I'll write more on it later if I think it's decent.

And also my .75 cent prismacolor  Magic Rub eraser.  It's the best, most sexual eraser I have ever used in my hole life.  I've italicized "hole" in a pun towards the holes that scatter through the rubber rectangle.  

And as far as paper goes- I haven't actually found any Watercolor paper that's blown my mind yet.  So usually I settle for some thick ass, slightly textured paper that seems to take my Grumbacher set fairly well.  (I use cakes, for the record, instead of the tubed watercolors.  I honestly don't see a difference in the two unless you want to mix colors, but when the tubes dry they are basically cakes anyhow.  I suggest black and white tubed watercolors since the cakes rarely have decent versions of either two colors).

I almost forgot you guys!  When working on backgrounds don't be afraid to go ape on the TAPE!  Painters tape is the shit when taping stuff off and I fucking love using it for patterns and stuff, too.  If any of you douchebags are huge Eddie Van Halen fans then you could even use tape to do shit like the patterns on his guitar! 

Shit is begging for tape. 

So yeah I really hope this was helpful to some people, at least, who are looking for decent brands to do watercolor and also drawing accessories.  Go nuts and party hard (at the Art Museum!). 

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