Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Girl Anachronism

Struggles of a Nostalgic Teenager

Working towards vintage is harder than you guys would think.

          Seriously, you're face with so many different problems when you're trying to be Vintage Fantastic or Retro or if you just straight up feel like you missed the one way train to the 60s and are trying to live all those fantasies through your current life.

           FINDING CLOTHES.  
I'm talking actually finding.  If you order your vintage clothing online, you my friend, are cheating.  

           You really have to look for those top-quality vintage stores that don't try to charge you out of your home, family and drug habit.  Either that or you can get straight to the nitty gritty and dig through charity shops (such as Goodwills, Family dollar,  or just tucked away little old lady thrift stores run by women of an undetermined sex).
             Yeah, it takes awhile, but walking away with a piece of clothing you worked your ass off to find is worth more to you than gold. That, and it's guaranteed to be more unique than clothes most of the female-sheep that infest and poison the schoolgrounds wear.
           Granted, sometimes finding the perfect piece of clothing will just seem to...happen.  Sometimes you just find the perfect pair of pants, or the perfect shirt, or the perfect skirt and it will be the perfect size and it will be dirt cheap. 
            But then again, other times you will feel like you've lost your mind looking for the perfect shirt and will go home feeling like the whole of the world is about to collapse on you for the lack of perfect clothing.
Some of my favorite peices, The Doc Martens are vintage and possibly from the early 90s.


              But most of all, it's about expression.  I know it can be fucking hard to dress the way you want, especially to school of all places.  But you know, you get over the weird looks.  I know my friend Haka has struggled with this, but now she's in a happy medium with herself and her wonderful fashion blog.  Quite frankly I really look up to her for that, because it's hard to go out and just do your own thing.  Especially with all those other assholes that just love to judge you and try to make you feel shit about yourself because you don't conform to mainstream fashion.

        Most of it though, isn't just about dressing your way because it's 'in style'.  It's because it makes you feel good and because it allows you that connection to the period you feel so damn connected to, and it's like when you wear those clothes you're wearing something from the past.  Something with the energy of that time period, something that could've been worn by someone from that period.  Those clothes could've been to a Hendrix concert, or front row at a Zeppelin show.  Or anything you could possibly imagine.

        The important thing is, though, that no matter what you wear or how you wear it
        you gotta work that shit with all you've got because
there is nobody that expresses
        YOU better than YOU.

See look how expressive I am by posting pictures of me in my vintage clothing in high contrast, self timed photos.



                   Okay guys that's about it for my self love rant. But you guys really shouldn't be afraid to wear what you want just because you feel weird wearing it around other people, or if you feel like people think you're weird for wearing it around them.  
                    Fuck the majority and make your own image.                        

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