Sunday, October 28, 2012

Butts, Buts and a Questionable Sequence of "Although".

Me and my loving boyfriend.
          Lately has been a mess of theatrical teenage bullshit.  I just finished my School's production of "Cinderella" (In which I was the sexy stepsister.), and now I reside in that relaxing limbo in which I wait for the next round of auditions to start.  It was a pretty great show and I was allowed to make some really questionable life choices, like chasing after men because of my deranged, gold-digging Step Mother and my narcissistic older Sister.  But mostly Butts. 

Tina understands my predicaments.

           This weekend was eventful to say the least.  I went to a house show with some of my friends (A house show, for all you lame people out there is like a small gig for local musicians usually held at someone's house.  In this case, it was at my friend Jordan's house which is equivalent to twelve small neighborhoods.  I've had one at my house, although that was back when my friends actually had the desire to rehearse for hours until we gave birth to something that sounded like music.) 
          My friend Jordan's band is just fucking brilliant.  He's really into a lot of undergroundish type stuff, which, if looked at from a vantage point is probably going to be the equivalent of what early Punk rock was in the 1970s.   Sadly I didn't get to stay late enough to see them, (Whales), because I had to take some friends home and then head back to my own house.  My friend Molly was kind enough to pay for my gas money in quarters. 
         ON A MORE FASHIONABLE NOTE.  My good friend Tessa gave me some shorts a while back, of which I have been too lazy to fix.  But today I fixed them and the whole world was right again.  Birds were singing, my lawn was mowed, and most of all I felt pretty damn good about life, the universe and everything. 

Wow look at that I'm almost sexy.

                Those shorts are so damn cute.  I'm tempted to dye them blue, though, in order to satisfy my need for Homestuck. I'd like to thank Hendrix and my Mother for the grace of finding those shirts buried beneath age old clothing from the *gasp* 90s. (The top one is floral print, and they both include shoulder pads and ample opportunity to hint at cleavage.)  I need some white lace tights, though, and I should be set for this Texas winter.


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  1. love these pictures - your hair is gorgeous!x