Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stuff that Sucks #40

Hand Holding Rejection


                                          Hand holding rejection is the worst. 

                Like, the worst of the worst.  It murders your self esteem with a hatchet and leaves you with grievous wounds that you keep picking at despite protests to leave them alone.  From personal experience, it really makes you question whether going for anything at all is worth it.
                   To me, holding hands is such a groovy thing, especially if the feelings you have for someone reach above and beyond the stars above you.  Holding hands is like linking the like (or love) you have for each other.  It could be cute, or fun, or sensual.  It can be so many different things.  What you can't say with your mouth you can say with your hands and fingers. 
                  I don't know how many of you have experienced this form of rejection, but it plants a seed in your mind of how pathetic and unattractive the person you'd like to touch finds you.
                  It just totally sucks when someone doesn't reciprocate that.  Like when you really care about them.
          Especially when you really care about them.  

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