Sunday, October 7, 2012

Graphin' your stanky Youth

So this weekend was a good one, because I got to get shit done as well as hang out with my good friend, Tessa and take some photos.  Most of them came out rather nicely, and I'm glad I had a set put together this time (in the spare room) consisting of my Grateful Dead tapestry and some old strips of fabric I had lying around. 

Also some old girls, you know. 

I love all of Tessa's outfits.  (Well, most of them at least.  There used to be a poncho she'd wear and it made her slightly resemble a 60-something year old baglady.  I couldn't tell if the Pancho swallowed her whole and simply allowed me to imagine the rest of her body somewhere beneath it's thick fabric folds.  Sometimes I feared she was genuinely being eaten by a product of Old-Lady wear.  The thought of Talbots creating clothing designed to consume it's customers frightens me, although is not shocking because I've seen the inside of my Grandmother's closet.  I can only imagine the new methods of psychiatric evaluation they would have to develop in order to help the victims of these events.  Tessa's was more or less finding a new coat to wear instead of that hideous old one.) 

At the end of the day we were exhausted, but the rest of the shoot is up on my Flikr if you guys wanted to see. 

I've started really trying out my different apertures, and I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.  (I need better use of a tripod, though, and using a self timer will be the death of me, yet.)   I'm going to graduate to the use of 35mm film sometime soon, because recently I found out my Dad's Pentax K1000 is fucked up, although I haven't tried his Automatic Canon yet.  I think I might just buy a cheap Holga and see if my Dad's flashes will work for it. 

UGH PHOTOGRAPHY.  So rewarding when the images come out, but it's like pulling teeth getting things the way you want. 

But, like I always think, I'm getting better.  So that, at least, is keeping me from going mad. 


  1. This photo shoot is brilliant! I really like the colours and everything.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really trying to find my groove in the big bad world of colors. I feel like this shoot was one of my better ones, although I'm still trying to think of other ways I could photograph the Vintage Teenager in their natural habitat.