Monday, September 30, 2013

It's been a while. 

See, I'm the awkward bear and all of you guys are Josh, staring silent and surreptitiously hoping I won't smell your ponytails and high waisted trousers.  

In a personal sense, the past few months have brought many changes.

Like my new haircut and induction in the "no pants" society.

     Life catches up quickly, and I'm at the point where the fear is creeping slowly onto my plate: I'm hungry, but trepidation sure isn't appetizing.  Adults and the media play up and idolize the idea of College, making it seem as if having that experience is a sort of hazing to flesh out the new generation of adults; though when you're reading between the lines they never mention that experience and a basic right for education is going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  

Besides THAT LOAD OF SHIT, I've done a LOAD OF OTHER SHIT, most of which includes photography which I'm offering to you in the great creative collaboration and exchange of ideas. 

Woah Galveston and stuff

Aren't boys in flower crowns so great?

You can see (majority) of the rest of the photos on my tumblr , which is now a breeding ground for the arts and photography I like to do.  (You, yourself could be a member of my 112 person army if you only believe in yourself and take this first step to glory)

Next on my list is a one-way ticket to spookyville.  Halloween is absolutely glorious, and I'll dig through my skulls and spiders to bring you the best of the most terrifying! 

Hellboy, you're an absolute doll.

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